Zeiss & Essilor lens UK specialists

We are proud to dispense a full range of Zeiss and Essilor lenses to our customers. These lenses are some of the best quality lenses you can find and are available in a range of types, including:

  • Varifocal - these combine three different prescriptions in one lens to allow you to see at different distances without swapping glasses
  • Thin and light - these lenses are made from an high index material which allows them to be thinner and lighter than other lenses
  • Transition - these lenses adapt to changing light conditions to increase the level of UV protection being provided to your eyes
  • Specialist coatings - we can add coatings to your lenses such as anti-reflective, scratch-resistant, anti-fog and a Crizal coating on Essilor lenses

If you choose Zeiss lenses we will use a Zeiss i.Terminal to gather precise fitting parameters which are needed to create a precision lens prescription for you. Getting the measurements takes only around 20 seconds and uses an iPad to gather all the information.

We are also very experienced in dispensing glasses to children under 2 years of age. Getting the right prescription lens for a young child is very important to support their development. This service is available at our Southwick branch.

We also stock a range of other optical lenses.

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