Eye examinations

Our eyes are important and vision changes can hugely affect quality of life. As well as detecting these changes at an early stage eye examinations are important in monitoring your general eye health. Conditions and disease - such as high blood pressure, diabetes, glaucoma and macular degeneration - can all be identified through eye testing.

It is recommended you visit an optician for an eye examination at least every two years.

At Peter Marson Optometrist we are experienced in carrying out thorough, individually tailored eye examinations for a range of needs - from routine NHS eye examinations to identifying complex problems in very young children. Our three optometrists have a combined experience of over 80 years!

Thorough eye examinations

Our eye examinations can take up to 40 minutes. During that time our optometrist will discuss your vision with you and any health conditions you have. They will examine both eyes using a number of tests and different pieces of equipment. Your eye movements and co-ordination will also be checked.

Precision eye prescriptions

Every year we invest in state-of-the-art eye examination equipment which helps us put together precision eye prescriptions. We are the only optometrist in Sussex to have the Spectralis OCT (Ocular Coherence Tomography) which can diagnose and predict potential future eye illness. The OCT is available at both our Hove and Southwick branches.

We provide both NHS and private eye examinations.

Peter Marson has been a chosen partner of the Sussex Eye Hospital for over 10 years, specialising in the triage diagnosis and monitoring of all forms of macula disease. We also often receive referrals from them for some of their more complex cases.

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