Contact lens fitting

Contact lenses have a great many uses - from everyday wear to occasional use for sports or special events.

Advances in contact lens technology means there is now a contact lens to suit everyone, even those who have previously tried contact lenses and struggled with them.

At Peter Marson Optometrist we pride ourselves on matching people with the right contact lens to provide ultimate comfort and vision. We are fully trained and qualified to fit contact lenses by various different brands - including ACUVUE, CIBA VISIONBausch + Lomb and CooperVision.

To ensure the best fit the curvature and diameter of your cornea will be measured, as well as the size of your pupils and the position of your eyelids.

We will also teach you some techniques to make putting in and taking out your contact lenses as easy as possible and tips on caring for your lenses.

Wide range of contact lenses

We offer a range of different types of contact lenses:

Soft lenses: These are made from a gel-like plastic that allows oxygen to pass freely to the eye.

Hard lenses: Made from a perspex-type material these were the first contact lenses created. They do not allow oxygen to pass through and are generally no longer used but can be beneficial for some people.

Disposable lenses: There are different types of disposable lenses - including daily disposables and once which are replaced every few weeks, monthly, quarterly or even longer.

Extended wear lenses: These lenses can be worn overnight and are generally replaced either weekly, every two weeks or monthly.

Rigid gas permeable lenses: These are made of a firmer material that soft lenses but still allow oxygen to pass through. The material they are made from means they are more durable and longer lasting than soft lenses. They are good for more complex prescriptions.

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